Date: 2006-03-01 09:36 pm (UTC)
amurderofcrows: (Default)
The note about the coming cut was posted 2-10-06.

I knew you were at Mardi Gras (I read your entries and the notations about the outside view of Mardi Gras, actually) and this morning, decided to go with my cut -- I'd given people due amount of time, and if they gave a crap, they gave a crap.

Obviously, you missed an entry in your reading on the 10th. But this is a long standing problem -- it's not something that happened when I got into Avatar, and so forth. Even as my 'real' posts dwindled, there was silence.

As for [ profile] step_rightup, there's a major functional difference. She and I still have an open form of communication; she still talks to me at LEAST once a week -- without me having to track her down over an SN -- and holds conversations with mee, whether it be about RP, gaming, what we're reading, or my recent root canal. We're friends; we seek each other out -- it's a two way street. In fact, as I've drifted into depression, she's upped her pings when I've languished in my internet silence.

She doesn't make me chase her. She actively wants me involved in things she does. She doesn't need to comment on my LJ -- also, because i know she's no longer reading or participating in LJ.

Hell, we were talking this morning over AIM.

That's the reason shes's still on the list -- and you're not. She values communication, and what it entails. You will say you value our friendship, but actions are louder then words -- or LJ entries. I'm not angry, but neither am I going to delude myself into thinking this is more then it is. We don't communicate; therefore, we don't have a friendship to value, sad to say.

Good luck, best wishes, see you on the flipside.
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