Date: 2006-03-01 08:57 pm (UTC)
amurderofcrows: (Default)
We no longer speak; we don't talk over AIM, you rarely respond to comments, and I can't recall the last time you commented on my LJ; whem I put up my notice that there would be an flist trim, you never commented then, either. I assumed this meant you weren't reading. After all, you take flist trims very seriously, I knew, and very peresonally. So when you never said, 'I'm here, i'm listening, I'm just too busy to say anything'. You got cut.

Every AIM conversation we've had in the past few months I initiated, and so it feels like I'm shouting into the wind a lot. You're busy, I know, and that's understandable, but ... you know, no one likes to feel like they're just an audience to somenoe else's life.

I admit I can no longer deal with the sheer level of unhappiness that regularly bleeds through your LJ. You're very rarely happy, and while this is usually beyond your control, and things are hard for you because of extenuating circumstances, having to deal with somenoe else's daily suffering -- especially so extreme -- is honestly not anything I can handle anymore. I'm trying to deal with my own angst right now, and honestly, don't have the tolerance for anyone else's.

True, my LJ has become less ad less interesting the more depressed I get, but I gueses we both work our angst out in different ways.

I am sorry if this offended you, but you've been silent.
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